Olivier Hache


Some images are imprinted on my retina : landscapes, urban universes, associations of colors and materials. Painting is always present and accompanies me. It allows me to translate the emotions left by  these memory traces. I am part of a movement, a vibration: the slight slippage from one sensation to another. This is what I want to show. I try to express what is said between the lines, what is not told. I try to convey through colors things I cannot verbalize."


Grand bleu aux écumes – 100 x 73, 2018

I use acrylic paint and sometimes oil. The treatment is done with a brush and a knife on coated or raw linen canvases. Certain parts of the works can be enhanced with oil pastel. Before any execution and in the interest of better conservation of the works, each support is prepared with Kaparol. This synthetic coating perfectly supports work carried out using several media. The formats produced range from 30 M (92 X 60 cm) to 60 F (130 X 97 cm).


Since 2007, I have essentially been developing abstract painting inspired by nature. My work is part of the current of American abstract expressionism of the 1950s.


You can see my works by appointment in one of my two studios.

One is located in Paris in the Marais, the second in the bucolic setting of Saint-Piat in Eure-et-Loir.